Renting Information

Property Management

  • Statutory Obligations
  • Screening Obligations
  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Inspections


Statutory Obligations

It is a requirement that all tenants be given the following associated documents at the start of the tenancy either when the agreement is signed or no later than the day they take possession of the property.

1. The Condition Report This is a complete record of the condition of the property and its contents at the commencement of the tenancy. It is a requirement of the Act that it be completed by the Agent and given to the tenant prior to taking possession of the property. It is essential that the tenants return the condition report within 3 days of moving in, so that any discrepancies or areas of disagreement can be discussed and resolved. This form will be used for the determination of their bond refund on the conclusion of the tenancy.

2. Information Statement A booklet produced by the RTA containing information for the benefit of the tenant. It is a requirement of the Act that tenants be given this booklet no later than the day they take possession of the property.

Screening Obligations

1. Assessing Tenants. Assessing prospective tenants ability suitability includes checking the following:

  • Previous rental history
  • References
  • Employment information
  • TICA data base search. The prospective tenant has to agree with these checks under the privacy act before any of the above can be carried out. An application from a prospective tenant that does not agree to these checks cannot be processed.

2. Breaking Rental Agreement Conditions. Should the tenant break the conditions of their rental agreement they are served with a Notice To Breach. If the breach is not remedied in the required time then a mandatory set of procedures have to be followed that may result in the tenant being given notice to leave or if they refuse to leave, evicted. If, after their departure there is any unresolved issues then they can be placed on TICA.

Tenancy Agreements

All tendency agreements are covered by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act – 2008


Residential Property Inspections are carried out every three months and a report made to owners.